What's LED Wall Washer?

As mentioned in "4 Aspects to Understand LED Stage Light", LED wall washer is a very important part of stage lighting. Well, it's not only used for stage lighting, but also a nice choice for indoor and outdoor lighting. Now I'll show you what's LED wall washer.

LED wall washer is mainly used for architectural lighting purposes. As described by its name, the light comes from LED wall washer is like water washing all over a wall. It's energy-saving, and high luminous efficient. Now traditional wall washer light is gradually being replaced by LED wall washer.
LED wall washer for building lighting

The power module for LED wall washer is installed inside the housing, of which the space is very limited. Therefore, some manufacturers, in order to save space, weld the pin-type components onto PCB board, which could cause a big problem in quality. These surface-mounted components could easily come off because of bad soldering. That's very dangerous.

LED wall washer, controlled by a built-in microchip, could achieve a gradual changing, random flashing, jumping, color flashing, and other dynamic effects without a controller; it could also realize chasing, scanning, and other effects with a DMX controller. Now LED wall washer has been widely used in landscape lighting, building lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting.

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