Difference Between Downlights and Spotlights

Many people are confused with downlights and spotlights. They could not tell the difference between the two types of lights, let alone the lights' application and lighting effect.

Downlight VS Spotlight

Simply speaking, downlights, used for general or auxiliary lighting, have more concentrated lighting source than ordinary ones. Spotlights can emit a highly-converged spot light. It is used for special illumination, such as highlight a place or object with bright spot light. We'll distinguish the two types of lights from the following aspects.

1. Lighting.
downlights and spotlights
Downlights can be installed with incandescent bulbs or energy-saving lamps. If you use incandescent bulb, the light would be yellow; while if you use energy-saving light bulb, the light would be white or yellow. The lighting direction f ceiling downlights could not be adjusted. But the direction of the spotlights can be adjusted freely. A quartz bulb or lamp beads are usually used for household spotlights. However, quartz bulb is not the only choice for the spotlights.

2. Application
Generally, downlights are always used for ceiling lighting. People use it for lighting when the ceiling is 150mm or above from the floor. Not all the downlights are embedded ones. Downlights are is a good choice if there is no chandelier or ceiling light. The light is relatively soft than spotlights'.

Spotlights can be installed with orbital, point hanging or embedding. Embedded spotlights are installed inside the ceiling. They're used for highlighting objects, like the television wall, paintings. jewelry. etc..

3. Price

Spotlights are more expensive than downlights.There are generally 3 sizes of downlights, large(5 inches), medium(4 inches), small(2.5 inches). The price of small size downlight in 2012 is about 20 to 15 RMB. 28 to 30 RMB for medium size, and 36 to 48 RMB for large one.

It should be noted that spotlights are generally not for short-distance lighting purpose of wool fabric. It also can be used for close lighting of flammable obstacles because it would easily lead to fires. Although the spotlight consumes more energy, but it shows a special decorative effect for residential or commercial use.

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