Why LED Strip Light Won't Light Up? Troubleshooting

Today we'll answer the frequently asked question. "why LED strip light won't light up". If you find your flexible LED strip light won't light up or power up, you may check the following troubleshooting information for help.

1. The lamp beads of led strip light must be broken or damaged during transportation if the light is not covered with full protection.

2. There must be a faulty at the light's soldering points. The soldering may come off if there is any shock during transportation.

3. Soldering with poor quality may cause embrittlement or shedding when the strip light is bent for use.

4. Cheat on tin soldering materials can also cause the same problem as the 2 point we just mentioned.

5. LED lights with flexible installation bending angle is too large, resulting in LED lights with flexible joints and lead to bright copper separation
flexible led strip lights

6. A excessive bending may result in the disconnection between the joints and copper foil.

7. Thick solder layer on strip light's circuit board lead to a non-complete fusion of the soldering and the circuit board.

8. LED Flexible Strip light can not be twisted during installation. The soldering may come off by a twisting.

9. Electrostatic failure. LED is an electrostatic-sensitive component. If there is no good ESD protection measures for LED, the chip will burn out.

If you cannot find the information you need, please leave a message below. I'll try to update later.

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