Difference between LED flood light and LED spotlight

Both LED flood light and LED spotlight are widely use for illumination and decoration purpose. Some people can not tell one from the other clearly. Today I'm going to show you the difference between led flood light and led spotlight.

LED Spotlight and Applications
LED spot light, also led spotlight, is mainly used for architectural lighting, as well as commercial lighting purpose. It plays a big role in lighting decoration. There're different shapes of spot lights, round, square, etc.. Due to the thermal factor in design, the shape of LED spotlight differs from that of traditional one.

home led recessed spotlights
Home LED Recessed Spotlight
LED spotlights are mainly used for decoration, commercial lighting, and architectural lighting. They're excellent in lighting decoration. The lights can achieve many lighting effects, like gradual changing, transition, color flashing, random flashing, alternating gradient and chasing, etc.. LED spot lights can be used either independently or with other lighting, such as LED underwater lights, LED underground lights, LED wall washer, etc. They're mainly used for indoor or outdoor lighting of historic buildings, landscape, billboard, other special facilities, as well as bars, discos and other entertainment places.

LED Flood Light and Applications
led floodlight & led spotlight for building decoration
led floodlight & led spotlight
LED flood light is a type of lighting product with point source illumination which can light in all directions. Its lighting range can be adjusted upon requests. LED flood lights are most common lighting source applied in lighting effect drawing design. Standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. There could be many LED flood lights in application in order to achieve a nice lighting effect.

LED flood light is a good choice for lighting and decoration of construction sites, squares, parks, arts venues, factory buildings, stadiums, golf courses, shops, hotels, subway stations, gas stations, buildings, sculptures, and other indoor and outdoor applications.

LED Flood light can be placed anywhere in scenes. It's very common that flood lights in may different colors are used in long-distance scenes. Because flood light's illumination area is relatively large, the lighting effect is very easy to predict. Besides, this kind of light has many other uses, such as creating a bright lighting effect on objects' surface.

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