What's LED Display?

LED display(LED Screen) is also known as electronic display screen. It, composed by LEDs and LED pc panel, displays characters, pictures, flash, video and other forms of content by lights on and off with different LED lights in different colors, including red, blue, white, and green. Different effect could be adjusted in accordance with different requirements. Take LED display for advertisement for example. Scrolling caption for advertisement is a flash saved in a memory card in the display; it's displayed by professional techniques. Traditional LED display usually consists of display module, control system and power system.

LED light-emitting materials used for LED display production mainly include the following 3 forms.
1. LED emitting light. LED emitting light generally consists of a single LED chip, reflector, metal anode, and metal cathode. A basic pixel is composed with one or more single light(in different colors). Because of its high brightness, LED light is usually used for outdoor display.

2. LED matrix module. LED matrix module is constituted by a number of light-emitting chip. It's perfect for a high-density display, thus a good choice for indoor LED display.
led display

3. SMD LED lights (or SMD LED). SMD LED is good for indoor color display.

LED displays are widely used in sports stadiums, bank, post office, shopping malls, railway stations, telecommunications, schools, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, and other places.

LED display shows strong brightness. Even the sunlight shines directly onto the screen, the content on display is still visible. Besides, the brightness could be adjusted automatically, ensuring a good performance in different lighting environments. However, people who look at the display soaked in a rainy day for a long time would easily get eye disease. Thus, LED display should be both bright and eye-friendly.

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