LED PAR Basics

LED PAR is one important part of stage lighting and lighting for residential and commercial applications. Here I'll show your LED PAR basics for a better understanding on it.

LED PAR is also known as LED par can or LED par light. PAR is short for "Parabolic Aluminum Reflector". LED PAR is usually found in illumination or decoration use for home, shopping malls, restaurants, and a variety of large-scale performances. There're LED par lights with different functions or specifications, such as waterproof LED Par, die-cast aluminum LED par light, LED PAR38, LEDPAR30, LED PAR20, LED PAR64, etc.
LED PAR in Retail Lighting Application
LED PAR in Retail Lighting Application

LED PAR applies superior quality and high efficiency LED chip. It shows a good brightness and s high color rendering index Ra, up to over 80. The light is close to natural light, which is good for human eyes. Selected components, including drive power supply, guarantee the service life and quality of LED par light. Besides, LED PAR's radiator is made of 6063 quality aluminium, which ensures a good cooling effect during work.

In fact, the specific name of LED Par, like PAR38, is connected with the diameter(either in inches or in millimeters). Generally, the diameter in inches is the value coming from a nominal diameter divided by 8. For example, the diameter for PAR16 is 2 inches, the value of which comes from dividing 16 by 8. Also, the diameter in millimeters can be calculated by multiplying the diameter in inches by 25.4. For example, the diameter of Par56 is about 175mm, which comes from the calculation 56/8x25.4. Here is a diameter table for your reference.

Name   Inch(IN)  Millimeter(mm)
PAR16    2          50
PAR20    2.5        65
PAR30    3.75       95
PAR36    4.5        115
PAR38    4.75       120
PAR46    5.75       145
PAR56    7          175
PAR64    8          200

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