7 Basic Specifications of LED Wall Washer

Here I'm going to show you 7 basic specifications of LED wall washer that you'd like to know before buying.

1. Power
Power is a key factor determining LED wall washer's projection distance. Generally, the power could be 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W, etc. However, the power is flexible. It could be changed upon different requests. Usually, high-power LED wall washer is always in a single row. Concerning on heat dissipation, the power of 1-meter-long wall washer, which is designed with couples of 1W lighting bulb, must not exceed 36W; otherwise, a serious Lumens depreciation would happen as a result of heat dissipation problem.

2. Voltage
DC power or AC power. Usually, build-in power supply requires AC 220V(AC110 in Japan), but external power supply requires low voltage, like DC24V, DC12V, DC27V and so on. The voltage could be different due to different customers' requirements.
LED wall washer for exterior decoration

3. IP
IP protection is also a basic specification of LED wall washer. What's IP protection? Take IP65 for example. The figure "6" refers to "absolutely dust-proof"; and the figure "5" means "water-proof".

4. Color
You could find LED wall washer in 7 colors, or all colors, or a single color from the market.

5. Color Temperature
Amber: About 2200K
Warm White: 3000K
Incandescent: 4000K
White: 6000K
Cool White: 7000K

6. Light Emitting Angle
The projection distance of a high-power LED light wall washer with a narrow light emitting angle could reach 5 to 10 meters. The narrower the light emitting angle, the longer the projection distance.

7. Lens
The light transmission rate of glass reflective lens is about 98%. It's UV-resistant.

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