4 Quality Tests of LED Wall Washer

Do you know how many and what tests should LED wall washer undergo for quality certification before delivery? This article would help you to know it.

Temperature Test

Temperature test is a must in quality inspections of LED wall washer. There's a temperature limit for different components. During product designing, manufacturers should pay great attention to heat dissipation, especially that of certain components, such as insulation sheet.

Components could be easily damaged if working under a high temperature condition for a long time. This might cause a fire or electric shock. The internal power module of wall washer is enclosed in a small space, which might lead to a heat problem. Therefore, manufacturers should select components in proper size, which would avoid the over-heating problem when the components work under full-load condition.
LED wall washer for outdoor use

Aging Test 

LED wall washer should undergo a 24-hour aging test before delivery; and waterproof test should be carried out immediately after aging test.

Waterproof Test 

Waterproof test should be done right after the aging test so as to simulate a real environment for IP protection test of LED wall washer. This approach is generally known as thermal test. After lighting for a certain time, LED wall washer would be heated up to a temperature. The waterproof test carried out under this condition would help to ensure whether LED wall washer would work well in a bad outdoor environment.

Failure Test 

Failure test is essential to quality certification test. This test would simulate failures that may occur in practice in order to assess the safety when products fail. Thus, many manufactures would add proper fuse to the input end of LED wall washer to prevent a fire risk caused by an output short-circuit or component failure.

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