4 Aspects to Understand LED Stage Light

LED stage lights are important parts of stage lighting. Stage light is a general term referring to all kinds of lights used for stage lighting. Now I'll show you 4 aspects to understand LED stage light and the composite of stage lighting.

Classifications of LED Stage Light

According to application, there should be 4 main kinds of LED stage lights.

1. LED Stage Lights for Performance
A. LED Par (also LED par can, or LED par light). LED par has a similar shape like LED downlight, but in a smaller size. Generally, LED par can be divided by specifications, including PAR 64, PAR 56, PAR 46, PAR 38, PAR 36 and so on.
B. LED Gobo light(or someone may call it pattern light). It's typical technical combination of led light and colorful patterns.
C. LED moving head. It does not have the pattern or color effect of traditional moving head, but its scanning effect is much better than the latter.
D. LED strobe(or LED strobe light). LED strobe is generally designed with low-power chips.
E. LED display. It's popular for stage performances, and bars. It's widely used in outdoor public places, as well as for outdoor advertising.
stage lighting show
stage lighting show

2. Stage Illumination
A. LED flood light, LED wall washer, led Fresnel light. These 3 types of stage lights usually have high-power LED chips. The shape could be round, long-strip, square, etc.
B. LED audience blinder, with which lights pointed directly at the audience from a low angle.

3. Stage Decoration and Lighting Effects
A. LED strips, LED ribbons, LED waterfall lights, LED tree lights, etc. They are generally for stage decoration.
B. LED floor. It's common in bars, dance halls, or a large party.
C. LED stage curtain. It's a new application of LED lamp chips and stage curtain.

Composite of LED Stage Light

LED stage light is a composite of lighting source, cover, LED chip, optical lens, LED drive power, DIP switches, cooling device, housings, bracket, etc.

Features of LED Stage Light

The performance LED stage lights could not be separated with LED technologies are closely linked. It could be in many colors, such as red, green, and blue. Thees 3 basic colors can be mixed onto 16,700,000 kinds of different colors. Low-power, low driving voltage, high luminous efficiency, and energy saving. They're radiation-free, and ultraviolet-free. The service life is up to 100,000 hours, but the price is higher.

Applications of LED Stage Lights

LED par lights, LED spot lights, and LED wall lights are commonly used in large-scale stage performances, parties, concerts, outdoor performances, city lighting engineering, building decoration, etc. LED Gobo lights are widely used for indoor performances, entertainment places, such as bars, discos, dance halls, KTV package room, and so on. LED strips, LED stage curtain, and other decoration lighting products are usually used for holiday decorations, building decoration, stage performances, and other decorations.

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