Notti Smart Light: "Strange" Look, but Intelligent Design

What do you think is the coolest light? The answer would be smart light. This kind of light should be intelligent enough to be powered up or off via only a set of apps.

Today, I'm going to introduce a new lighting equipment, Notti. It is a new type of smart lamp which can emit light of different colors. Notti will show one color when the clock alarms, while shines another if receiving new message.
Notti Smart Light
Notti Smart Light

Notti smart lamp was designed by Hong Kong design company, Witti Design, which also launched another smart light Dotti recently. Notti function almost the same as Dotti, but its exterior design is more "strange" somehow. Notti look like a strange polygons, or a giant ice crystals. When it's dark, Dotti lights white. It has up to 16 million kinds of different colors for choice. Do not worry excessively high power consumption of such smart light for it only need a power for light up a 3W LED lamp.
Smart Notti
Smart Notti

Notti can be connected through applications with Android or iOS devices in a low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 connection mode. Its built-in battery is good enough for five-hour use; and it can last for more than one month, equivalent to 720 hours, if used only for message notification.

The biggest feature of Notti is the lighting display definition. Users could define the light by setting calls, messages, calendar, mail, and others via applications. In addition, it could change the light in accordance with music rhythm from phone. Notti also could be used as an alarm. The light will become brighter as the alarm sound goes louder.

Now this smart light sells for $30, maybe $40 sometime later.

Witti Design said it expects Notti smart light will be officially for sale in March 2015. But the premise is that the project could realize a $5,000 fundraising goal first.

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