LED Facial Mask: A Fashion and Science Revolution

Recently, a new type of facial mask, LED facial mask, catches the public's attention.

As reported, the LED facial mask is no like traditional cosmetics which could be applied to skin directly. Functioning via a mask like fencing mask, the mask helps human skin to generate collagen protein for a good cosmetic effect. It shows a nice performance to relieve sunburn, get rid of freckles, as well as improve skin conditions. Besides, this LED facial mask encourages the form of vitamin D and serotonin which make people feel happy and energetic.
LED Facial Mask
LED Facial Mask

It is said, LED light can enhance the potential energy of skin cells, which acts directly on the mitochondria, so that every cell has an "energy factories." LED blue light can play a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect to improve the surface of the skin, for a better treatment of acne and rosacea. LED red light can promote the growth of skin collagen for a deep level of skin care.

LED facial mask works like photosynthesis. It is heal wrinkles by changing LED red light's energy. It can not only heal the skin, but also to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the skin. No claustrophobic feeling would occur when using LED facial mask. LED red light can make people feel very comfortable. Wearing LED facial mask 25 minutes a day helps gradually improve your skin condition.

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