Unique BMW OLED Car Light Design

Car light is obviously indispensable to driving safety; however, there is nearly no unique or individualized design on car light development up till now. BMW plans to equipment OLED to cars, achieving a greater lighting effect.

BMW applies different angle design to different OLED panels. All OLED lights are arranged in groups, and they could be controlled separately. This design is not only very stylish, but also effective in lighting, which ensures that the light is visible from every angle.
BMW car light
BMW Car Light
BMW OLED Car Light
BMW OLED Car Light
BMW said, OLED panel lights can create a pleasant and stylish lighting effect, and display light in various ways. OLED provides a more diverse design concept for the designers.
BMW OLED Car Light Design
BMW OLED Car Light Design
BMW plans to apply OLED to the car design within three years. OLED flat panel will be used for the design first, and then flexible OLED design will be released for custom purposes.

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