Saffron Drift Light: LED Bulb Promotes Better Sleep

Times Magazine reported last January, people now undergo a more serious sleeplessness problem than ever before. The annual sleep-related cost increases 8.8% every year since 2008; and it has been up to $32 billion USD in 2012. 73% American netizen searched online for health information, and 43% looked for sleep remedy. According to National Sleep Foundation, only 56% people in U.S. could sleep well on weekdays.

Therefore, Saffron launched new smart LED bulb "Drift Light " on May 7th, claiming that the bulb could gradually dim off like sunset to promote people's sleep.
Saffron Drift Light
Saffron Drift Light

Gizmodo and CNET reported, Drift Light bulb is designed with a built-in "Midnight Mode". Double press the switch, the bulb will mimics evening sunset and slowly extinguished within 37 minutes. This LED bulb is designed to help people go back to the time when there is no invention of artificial light, and find the body's natural sleep patterns. The company said, Drift Light can make people relax, and increase the production of melatonin.
Saffron Drift Light Bulb
Saffron Drift Light Bulb

The light bulb also has "Moonlight mode". It slowly dims until it's at night-light brightness. It's designed for children who are afraid of the dark, or who need some light on. The bulbs has built-in microprocessor, and does not emit blue light which is an obstacle to melatonin secretion.

Drift Light bulbs also have "daylight mode" like other ordinary bulbs. The price goes to $29 or more.

Saffron's LED bulb, Drift Light, will be a good help for people's sleep.

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