Philips Canlyte Closes Cornwall Lighting Plant

Holland lighting giant Philips is closing its lighting fixture plant, Philip Canlyte in Cornwall. This plant, established in 1987, originates from Canlyte, brand of Canada lighting fixture company, Genlyte. After the acquisition of Philips in 2008, the plant's name was changed to Philips Canlyte.

Philps Canlyte will be officially closed in 2015, before which the plant will gradually stop production of incandescent lights, and LED light line will be handed over to other North America Plants.
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Cornwall Philips Canlyte Plant
Cornwall Philips Canlyte Plant
It's said that about 190 Canlyte employees will lose their jobs. Philip's spokesman, Santina Giuliano, said employees were receiving details of their termination arrangements.
Philips Canlyte Plant
Philips Canlyte Plant
Now more and more companies involve in LED fixture production. Philips said, the changing of market needs is the main reason they close the plant.

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