NI LED Parasol: No Darkness at Beach Night Any Longer

It's absolutely terrific to enjoy vocation under a parasol at beach. But happiness always ends when the night's coming. What if you wanna extend the happy time till the night? Well, lighting could be a big problem. Now, designer Terry Chow and his team help solve such a problem.

NI LED Parasol
NI LED Parasol

Terry Chow encountered the same problem we discussed just now. He and his team combined a parasol with a 12V LED strip light to make a NI LED parasol for people who wanna continue their activities at night.
NI LED Parasol for Beach
NI LED Parasol for Beach

There is one OCT(one-touch dimmer) for each parasol, which makes users easily switch on or off, and control the light intensity. Considering that this LED parasol might be used at resort or restaurant, Terry also designs a remote control for the LED parasol.

NI LED Parasol OTC
NI LED Parasol OTC

Garden LED Parasol
Garden LED Parasol
Besides, the team also made an effort on wires and water-proof function. This Ni LED parasol was recognized by A'''' Design Award with win a silver award.

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