Hammerhead LED Navigation for Cyclists

Recently, Hammerhead company launches LED navigation for cyclists.

The LED navigation is designed with sophisticated electronic device, but its easy-operation function helps users in navigation. With a T-shaped design, the navigation direct cyclists with a number of flashing LED lights.
Hammerhead LED Navigation
Hammerhead LED Navigation

The LED navigation is equipped with a specific APP that supports Apple iOS and Android system. It does not have a built-in GPS. It connects with cellphone via Bluetooth, and guides directions by controlling the LED lights and other visual information. The APP is equipped with a map for cyclists in route-planning. You can set the route upon your preferences so as to experience various degrees of cycling.
LED Navigation & Cellphone APP
LED Navigation & Cellphone APP

In addition, Hammerhead LED navigation can also serve as a special bicycle lamp. When driving at night, the navigation would power up led lights in different positions to show different guide information, like a turn, distance to the turn or destination, U-shape turn, speed, compass, etc.

Currently, this bike LED navigation could provide navigation for six hours or so. Besides,  the navigation has front lights, offering around 15-hour illumination for cyclists. The price is about $75 (about 470 RMB).

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