Driving on Solar-powered LED Glass Road?

Could you imagine driving on glass road in future? This idea may sound crazy, but inventors are quite sure about it. They use a high-durability glass for road-paving which offers the same grip to vehicles as ordinary roads. Under the glass road, it will be equipped with LED lights, providing illumination for drivers at night.

Solar-powered LED Glass Road
Solar-powered LED Glass Road

Even more, the LED glass road could melt snow automatically because of its solar power system. The inventors said that the road is very eco-friendly. It's able to absorb solar energy.
Solar LED Glass Road
Solar LED Glass Road
LED Lighting Glass Road
LED Lighting Glass Road

It is said that this solar-powered LED glass road have been put in use in some areas for test. Inventors now are looking forward for more investment and fund for a large-scale practice. Perhaps sometime in future, we will drive or walk on this solar-powered LED glass road.

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