Apple Purchases LuxVue for iWatch Display

It's reported that Apple has purchased LuxVue Company, creator of low-power micro-LED displays. This acquisition means that Apple's future products will be equipped with better and more energy-saving displays. It's not yet clear how much Apple spent on this purchase.

LuxVue will be in charge of new GoogleGlass display technology. The company's display technology promises better display and less power than current OLED technology.
Apple iWatch Display
Apple iWatch Display
Apple iWatch
Apple iWatch
LuxVue mainly engages in micro-LED technology development for future consume electronics that require significantly less power but offer amazing display effect. Many people think the reason why Apple purchases LuxVue is to support iWatch display work.

The usual display technology is realised by arranging white light for each pixel and filtering other unwanted colors. However, LuxVue designs 6 lights in red, green,and blue(2 for each color) for each pixel, which greatly improves the brightness, 9 times that of common display, and declines power consumption; thus the battery lasts longer.

Even better, LuxVue technology is applicable to flexible curved screen, which is significant to Apple's iWatch display development.
Flexible iWatch Display
Flexible iWatch Display

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