UAE Women Invent Intelligent lighting System for Haze Days

United Arab Emirates Today reported on April 11 that 3 UAE women engineers recently invented a new type of road intelligent lighting system to prevent haze-day traffic accidents.

These 3 women engineers all come from Fujairah, UAE. According to their vision, this intelligent lighting system will be installed on both sides of highway. The biggest advantage is that the system could automatically rate the haze, and the lights would power up for illumination accordingly.

Intelligent Road Lighting System Demonstration
Intelligent Road Lighting System Demonstration
Meanwhile, the system comes with a set of communication devices which will provide real-time traffic information to drivers, and also remind them to slow down. In addition, communication devices are connected with police department, keep the police well-informed of road visibility conditions, and reminding them to make contingency plans.

According to three inventor's estimation that the minimum cost of this lighting system is about 70,000 dirhams per 100 kilometers(about 118,000 RMB). However, they believe that if this system is put into use, it would 100% prevent traffic accidents in haze days.

Although the usefulness of this system needs a further study, Fujairah Transportation Department still commended their efforts and achievements. The 3 inventors are now applying for national patent for their invention; and they will continue to make improvements to the system.

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