New LED Technology: Enjoy Sunbath at Home Day or Night

Have you ever thought of having sunbath at home anytime of day or night? It's absolutely possible now.

Paolo di Trapani, from Ys Boulia University, Italy, developed this new technology, "artificial daylight". This technology uses LED panel, and the light emits through transparent plastic panels. The major breakthrough is titania nanoparticles, which is invisible to eyes, are applied for this design. These particles are used for scattering light, which is similar to the principle of sunlight through the Earth's atmosphere.
LED daylight panel

Some people might think it's "unnecessary" to do so; but this process is simulated Reylight scattering, thus make the light appears more "real".
Nanoparticle LED Panel

In fact, "natural light" helps relieve depression and reduce stress. But people seldom access to it. Therefore, this technology helps you to enjoy daylight at home anytime of day or night.
artifical daylight LED panel

Although currently there is no related products for sale, Paolo di Trapani and his team had planned to sell this kind of product by CoeLux company in the coming years.

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