LED Home Lighting Taking a Great Market Share in Japan 2015

After the earthquake, Japan faces a rise of electricity bills because of power shortages. It puts a great emphasis on "energy saving" of its new energy strategy, and promotes energy-efficient products and energy-saving technologies. LED lighting is now the mainstream lighting in Japan due to "energy saving".

Japan totally banned the use of incandescent in 2012. According to the data released by Japan JLMA, LED lighting accounted for 40% of lighting products in Japan market in 2012.
led lighting Japan 1

led lighting Japan 2

led lighting Japan 3
In 2015, LED home lighting will take a great market share in Japan. Panasonic is going to adopt LED to all its residential lighting products in 2015. In 2013, 80% of Panasonic residential lighting products were LED lighting, and that of Toshiba's reached 70%.

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