LED Bulb Price Drops in March, 2014

LEDinside observed that 40W equivalent bulb price drops big in China, and 60W equivalent bulb price runs steady globally. In March, 2014, 40W equiv. LED bulb retail price declined globally by about 1.3% to $14.9. 60W equiv. LED bulbs retail price did not change too much, remaining at $20.8.

In March, 40W equiv. LED bulb retail price dropped by 14.7% in China, and the existing products' prices fell. Take 7W bulb(450-500LM) from one China manufacturer for example, the price reduced from $4.3 to about $2.9. Also, 5W bulb(450LM, 30,000h service life) this month, the price dropped to $4 from $12.3. In addition, the exchange rate rise also led to a price reduction. Besides, 40W equiv. LED bulb retail price the United States also showed a significant decline, 7.6%, in March. The existing products' prices basically showed a steady a downward trend; some commodity's prices dropped more obviously, such as price of 6W CREE dimmable bulb fell to $ 4.97 in some areas of the United States.
LED light retail price decline in March, 2014
LED Bulb Retail Price

As to 60W equiv. LED bulb, the retail price in Japan showed a significant decline, dropping by 14.8% to $ 19.2, in March. Some high-price products are temporarily stop selling, such as Sharp 10.4W bulb. This bulb's original price is about $32.4. In the United Kingdom and Germany, there was a substantial rise of the price in March.  The prices of existing products increased comparatively higher. For example, Ledon 12W light bulb this month, the price rises from $20.8 to around $34.8 in Germany.

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