Commuter X4 LED Bike Light Included in British Inventors Project

At Gadget Show Live 2014, a product named "Commuter X4", a combination of wearable LED taillight and shoulder straps, won the second place of British Inventors Project.

For people who like riding at night, safety is absolutely the priority. You must be sure that vehicle drivers are able to see you before a bad accident happens. In this case, many manufacturers develop a variety of lighting, projection, or intelligent lighting products for cyclist.
commuter x4

commuter x4 led bike light

commuter x4 led safety light

commuter x4 led light for cyclist

Commuter X4 is a new safety idea with a traditional style design. It's designed with 4 light-emitting straps and a big round LED light in between. Considering many cyclists need to wear backpacks, Commuter X4 is designed to be "wearable" to a 35-liter backpack.

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