What's LED Grow Light?

LED Grow Light, inspired by the sunlight, offers artificial light for plant's growth.

Light is one indispensable environmental factor for the growth of plants. Controlling plant morphogenesis through light adjustment is a very important technology applied for plant's cultivation. LED grow light is the very practitioner of this technology. It helps with photosynthesis, promotes plant growth, shortens time for flowering and fruiting, thus increases productivity! In modern agriculture, LED grow light is undoubtedly indispensable.
led grow light
LED grow light

As a 4th generation light source, LED grow light show its unique features in many ways. LED grow lights with different wavelength help with photosynthesis and morphogenesis of different plants. It not only help adjust the flowering and fruiting, but also control the plant's height and nutrients. LED grow light generates little heat and occupies small space, which makes it a good choice for multi-dimensional cultivation system.

LED grow lights are mainly used for two aspects. First, it's a supplementary lighting source for plant photosynthesis in case of insufficient sunshine or sunshine duration. Second, it's a stimulating lighting source for plant's photoperiod and photomorphogenesis.

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