Features of LED Strip Light

Today, I'm going to show you the features of LED strip light.

LED strip light, with its unique design, has many benefits and features that other kinds of LED lighting products could not be compared with.

LED strip is typically sold in metres. It operates at 12-volts. LED strip light also costs much less, for it only consumes less energy to create the same lighting effect.

LED Strip Light for Outdoor Decoration
LED Strip Light for Outdoor Decoration
LED strip light can be found in two specific types: single colour and colour-changing RGB (Red, Green and Blue). Like normal LED bulbs, single colour strip light could be warm white and cool white; while the colour-changing strip light permits users variable ambiances.

Additionally they come in a variety of brightness, ranging from an ordinary light for domestic applications, to exceptionally bright for business applications. The brightness of a LED strip light is determined by the range and size of its LED chips. There're two primary chip sizes, 3528 (3.5mm x 2.8mm) and 5050 (5.0mm x 5.0mm).

As LED strip light requests low-voltage operation, it therefore needs a transformer for help. That's almost the same to the transformers utilized for MR16 spotlights. You only have to adjust the voltage for LEDs.

LED Strip light is ordinarily used to create specific lighting effect, because it's easy to be installed in long-distance and narrow spaces. It creates an effect known as "layering" which could promote an additional sense of drama. It could also be a good decoration to furnishings, coppicing, and stairs.

The features, such as water-proof, shock-resistant, and IP-rated coatings, also make LED strip light a good choice for bathroom and outdoor places. It makes a superb lighting decoration to gardens and also could be applied to illuminate pathways, stairs, patio and trellises.

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