High Power LED Flood Lights

High power led flood lights are one specific type of flood lights. It is a combination of high power LED, LED power supply, cooling aluminum, and LED lighting fixture. The shape could be round, square or elongated shape. The power ranges from 3 watts to 1 kilowatt.

The cooling section of flood light is made from aluminum materials. Lights with scale-like cooling system is recognized as one of the best. High-transmittance, high-refraction optical glass lens effectively improve the light reflectivity, which ensures a good output ofluminous flux. High-strength tempered glass, processed with a special treatment, shows a better performance and resistance to ultraviolet light. Besides, stable rectifier, and LED constant current drive power is also a big part of high power led flood lights.

high power LED flood lights for port lighting
LED flood lights can work for 50,000 hours without failure. There're many light colors for selection, such as red, green, blue, yellow, white, etc. High power LED flood lights are designed with cold light source. They're thermal-radiation-free, and eyes-friendly. The installation angle of flood lights could be from -45 ° to 75 °.

High power LED floodlights are mainly used for tunnel lighting, outdoor flood lighting, architectural lighting, industrial lighting, sports centers lighting and outdoor stadium lighting, etc.

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