Explosion-proof LED Flood Light

Explosion-proof LED flood light is a special type of foodlight designed with explosion-proof function. Like other LED flood lights, the illumination range of explosion-proof flood light can be adjusted.

Features of Explosion-proof LED Flood Light

Explosion-proof LED Flood Light is equipped with super-bright LED lighting source. It's energy-saving; with the same luminous flux, the electricity consumption of explosion-proof LED flood light is only 20% that of incandescent lamp. Every part of this flood light is made and assembled in accordance with standard mold design, which is very convenient for parts replacement, and further more cost-saving. The light cover is processed from aluminum alloy materials with the latest surface-treatment technology. It's wear-resistant, decay-resistant, water-proof, and dust-proof. Besides, the isolation between light source chamber and power chamber ensures a good heat dissipating during operation, thus extends the light's service life. The most important is that the explosion-proof design makes the light a good choice for hazardous applications.
LED flood lights for gas station

Application of Explosion-proof LED Flood Light

Explosion-proof LED flood light serves many industries, such as petrochemical, electric power, etc.. You can find this types of lights everywhere, like chemical plant towers, platforms, power distribution room, operation room, duty room, metering, pumping stations, and all kinds of channels, etc. It's a nice choice for illumination.

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