The State and Market of Residential LED Lighting Products

Thought we talked about 4 main benefits and advantage of LED lighting before, it's indeed a fact that residential LED lighting products are less used and popular in many families nowadays. How could it be? Today we're going to tell the state and market of residential led lighting products.

The difficulties why led lights are less popular for home use than other traditional lights include the following points.

1. The retail price is too high.
It's too expensive to afford, not only for rural residents but even the city dwellers. The current price of LED lights, compared with incandescent lamps or other energy-saving lights, is the highest. We find a price table(Table 1) online.

Table 1
Incandescent Bulb    15 ~ 40W    2 to 3 RMB
Energy Saving Lamp   5 ~ 10W     7 to 18 RMB
LED Bulb             3 ~ 5W      40 to 80 RMB

Note: As there are differences among different brands and also the different output power, the online price and specification listed here is for reference only.(Online retail price, none delivery cost included.)
led lighting for swimming pool

The price showed in Table 1 is a general price for ordinary LED products. It doesn't include the price of high-end products. For example, it costs about 135 RMB to buy a Philips 5W LED bulb which a 155 RMB to buy a 3 ~ 5W LED bulb from another well-known LED lighting manufacturer.

2. Without high-end LED production technology.
Many domestic LED production plants do not own the high-end LED production technology. They help to do the assembly work, and most of the profits fall into the pockets of foreign companies. The LED price is also under the control of foreign companies.

3. The long-term effect of energy-saving lamps.
Energy-saving lamps have been put into production for more than 30 years. It enjoys both a mass production and a large number of exports. We now can produce not only 5 ~ 13W common household energy-saving lamps, but also a low-power 3W lamps, and 100 ~ 200W high-power energy-saving lamps. The quality has been improved. The life expectancy reaches more than 6000 hours, up to 6 years of life span. As to LED lamps, the production time is not long. There're not many manufacturers engaged in residential LED lighting products. Most of them are small companies without key LED products technology.

4. The domestic market is flooded with low-quality low-priced LED lights.
These products make buyers suffer a loss in the economy and cause distrust between sellers and buyers. This also increase the selling difficulty for companies which sell high-quality components and LED lights.

5. Huge investment and High Risk.
Investor concerns is the risk on investment. The only way to reduce the product price is to put LED lighting into mass production, which means they have to invest more on advanced production equipment and plants. While the fact is the market is not steady for residential LED lighting products, they're afraid the recovery time of their money, not mentioning the selling difficulties.

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