How to Select LED Strip Lights for Home Decoration?

Now we're going to talk about the selection of LED strip lights for home decoration. You should pay attention to the following notes on how to select LED strip lights.

Why LED strips are always recommended for home decoration? Because:

1. LED strip light is soft. It can curl like power wire.
2. It can be cut and connected.
3. The bulb and the circuit is completely encapsulated in a flexible plastic cover, which ensures a good insulation, waterproof, safe condition in use.
4. LED strips are weather resistance(-20-50 ℃).
LED strip lighting for home decoration

5. It's not easy to break. Besides, it has a long life, up to 80,000 ~ 100,000 hours.
6. It's easy to make graphics, text and other shapes.
7. It has rich colors. The color effects include white, green, yellow, red, orange, warm white, red and blue, purple, or mixed colors.
8. Energy-saving and eco-friendly. Cold light, No radiation, no mercury elements, no harmful substances.
9. Easy installation. Widely used in home decoration, like ceiling and light tank.
10. Pure LED strip. Currently, there're six light sources for LED stripes, including light in red, yellow, blue, green, white and warm white. Due to the different value of light sources itself, the price of led strips in various colors are different. Lights in red is the cheapest; blue one is a little more expensive; green one cost more than the blue one and the white; warm white is the most expensive.

How to Select LED Strip Lights for Home Decoration?

Color is the most import factor which should be considered in selecting led strip lighting for home decoration.

Notes for Color Choices

LED strip colors

People has different ideas and favorites on color selection. Here are my advices. Generally, you'd better choose light colors, like white, for your ceiling decoration. According to room usage, yellow or blue is most common used for living room. Yellow light shows a sweet and nature mood, especially in a freezing cold winter days. Blue makes your room looks higher and deeper. If you love warm colors, red is also a nice choice. If you use double strips in red and blue, it turns out a romantic effect. Yellow is always the right choice for restaurant, study room and children room. It's better to use one color strip in one single room.

Notes for LED Strip Wholesale

You'd better to make a decision on colors and length before you buy any types of led strip lights. This will help to save you more money.

The price of LED strip is counted by length. Every 1 or 2 meters is a unit. So please pay attention when measuring the length of strips. Also please be sure to have a mark on strip for accuracy cut.

Led strip light consumes little electricity, about 3-5W / m, so it's much more energy efficient than T4 or T5 lamps. Besides, it can apply to different ceiling shapes.

Finally, round LED strip is not as bright as flat one. But it's cheaper. You should consider it during selection.

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